23 - 24 March 2023 



During the Voditi z namenom conference you will be presented with opportunities to grow through learning, networking, and challenging yourself. You will be exposed to wider networks and the opportunities to expand and sharpen your skills extending your capacity.



Voditi z namenom works to provide resources to individuals and organizations to assist in their growth and development. We assist with seminars, materials, and coaching.



Voditi z namenom has an extensive network throughout Slovenia and around the world. We are able to offer coaching and personal resources to assist your development.




Voditi z namenom is a network of leaders committed to advancing people towards their potential. We have networks in Australia,

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, 

Macedonia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United  Kingdom, the United States, and other countries to draw from.


Voditi z nameonm works with churches, Christian organizations, and individuals to coach and encourage emerging leaders towards their personal potential.


Celovška c. 70, p. p. 60-30, 

1000 Ljubljana

EU – SIovenija

T: 041 744 751